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To help you understand the basics on achieving pallet load stability & integrity

on-line 5 hour

Suitable for:
Packaging specialist, Packaging Engineer, Brand Owner, Sales and Marketing

Minimum Capacity:
By zoom (Max 30pax per group)

Training Scope:

  • Pallet unitisation: stretch film, stretch hood, shrink hood
  • Lab-to-Field: Optimise real life packaging solution
  • Sustainability
  • Strategic collaboration (1+1+1 = 5)

More Classes

Basic Training Registration

Pallet Load Stability & Integrity Training
  • Resource acquisition
  • Securing/load stability
  • EUMOS 40509
  • Types of tertiary packaging
  • Classification of wrapping machines
  • Application of tool kit
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Advance Training Registration

Products & Technical Skills Training
  • Designing value-added structures with polymers
  • Evolution of enhanced stretch film
  • Understand the film properties & application
  • Simulation, measure & record
  • Film relaxation
  • Creating value to partnership
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HRDF Claimable Training Registration

Fundamental of Sustainable
Packaging on Load Securing - Level 1
  • Logistic system (logistic distribution cycles)
  • Load safety and securing (EUMOS 40509)
  • Understanding film properties and application
  • Load safety and securing (testing and simulation)
  • Tertiary packaging practical sessions
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