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Boost long-term results for your business through our professional training

Newton Academy offers courses on packaging materials and wrapping techniques, load stability, fast transhipment, and storage space-saving tactics. Learn the ins and outs involving every step of the product distribution cycle, from goods packaging to delivery to on-shelf safety.  Newton Academy is available in Malaysia, Europe and China.


To bridge the gap in packaging knowledge for a broad range of industries

To create awareness and understanding of freighting processes, challenges and risks

To create long-term results for our customers through education


Fortune 500 Companies
Governmental Agencies
Individual Clients

Load Stability & Safety

Learn hands-on ways to keep your palletised load safe and secure. Understand how you can achieve load stability with our dynamic mobile testing equipment or the use of our associated testing lab.

Customise Your Class

You can customise your classes according to your company’s needs. We aim to provide tailor-made experiences that make sense and are relevant to your industry.

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