Sustainable Packaging on Load Securing Course

Sustainable Packaging on Load Securing Course Class Photo

Newton conducted a course on the Fundamental of Sustainable Packaging on Load Securing – Level 1. The course aims to help customers with pallet safety in the warehouse and during transportation. Also included is how to reduce packaging costs.

Online Training Programmes 2020

Online Training Programmes during Covid

One of our first online training programmes during the Covid-19 lockdowns was for our Austria customer. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way organisations and individuals pursue learning. In the months during the virus outbreak, many norms were driven to significant changes, one of which was the way we conducted training for our customers.

Attends Chicago’s Pack Expo 2018

pack expo 2018 at chicago

Newton is on the mission to expand and grow through knowledge exchange with industry experts. We participated in the Pack Expo held in Chicago on the 14th of October, 2018. This trade fair had 2,000 exhibitors and 30,000 attendees. Some exhibitors include machines and equipment providers for packaging, materials, and containers. Many latest automation technologies from various industries were exhibited and shared during the event. Newton had the privilege to engage, share and learn from many industry experts from the American continent.

Putting People First On Work-Life Balance Sharing

Newton and Oasis HD on work-life balance sharing

Newton welcomed the HD Oasis team for a courtesy visit to our office and laboratory in our efforts to uphold the culture of “Putting People First”. Both parties shared and exchanged ideas on work-life balance and how to achieve success with tranquillity.


Meeting the Demand for Packaging Safety in China

training on packaging safety in China

Newton provided training on packaging safety and load stability to our counterparts in China. The objective is to help them meet the advent demand for packaging safety due to the fast development of China’s logistic and supply chain industry.

ISTA APAC Packaging Symposium 2017

ISTA Asia Pacific Packaging Symposium

In Pursuit of Knowledge & Inspiration at ISTA’s Asia Pacific Packaging Symposium

Newton participated in the ISTA Asia Pacific Packaging Symposium 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand. Organised by the ISTA Asia Pacific Division Board and hosted by Kasetsart University Department of Packaging and Materials Technology, the symposium was held from November 1st to 3rd and attended by packaging industry players, including brand owners.

Some of the topics covered during the symposium were

  • SPECIAL PROGRAM: Learn from ISTA Experts on how to Design, Develop and Test Transport Packaging and Cushioning
  • Reducing Packaging Costs, Damage and Environmental Footprint
  • e-Commerce packaging
  • Test your packaged-products systems for safe delivery
  • Measure and analyse distribution environments
  • Manage supply chain and cold chain packaging
  • Case studies and research updates

The trip was a fruitful journey for Newton in learning and knowledge building. We learned about design, development and testing, transport packaging and cushioning from many packaging industry experts who attended the event. The sharing and knowledge gained have provided us with valuable insights to improve our testing capabilities to serve our customers better.

A Grand Tour Following the Lab’s Official Opening

Newton official opening grand tour

On the second day of the official opening, the Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry, Y.B. Datuk Chua Tee Yong and his team visited Newton R&D Centre. We are honoured and with much enthusiasm to share our goals of providing packaging solutions to all segments of industries.

Grand Opening of First Dynamic Simulation Lab in APAC

official opening of the first dynamic simulation lab in Asia Pacific

The first dynamic simulation lab in the Asia Pacific opened its door on the 28th of September 2017. Y.B. Dato’ Seri Ong Ka Chuan, Ministry of International Trade and Industry, officially opened the Newton Research & Development Centre Sdn Bhd. Together with Thong Guan Industries Berhad directors, they officiated the opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

It was a momentous milestone for TGIB, our customers and the community.

Newton embarks on a journey to promote a better, safer world. We aim to do so through stringent simulation tests to optimise packaging for transport safety.

Promoting Load Stability & Safety

promoting load stability & safety

In Improving Australia’s Packaging Standards

Newton conducted training for a customer who supplies packaging, safety, and consumable products to the supply chain industry in Australia. We hope to improve the packaging standards of Australia through our training and help our customers achieve better load stability and transportation safety through safe packaging methods.

International EUMOS Symposium 2017

Newton at International EUMOS Symposium 2017

Expanding Insights and Knowledge on Transportation Safety at Eumos Symposium

Newton participated in the International EUMOS Symposium 2017 held in Vienna. With EUMOS’s focus on load securing and transport packaging, we gained valuable insights on

  • new developments in transport safety’s international and legal aspects,
  • particularly technical roadside inspections,
  • new technologies and regulations in load securing from various countries, and more.