Auditing Dow SCG Bangkok

Audit at Dow SCG Thailand

Newton brought a simulation test to a resin manufacturer in Thailand, Dow SCG, in the presence of the Dow Supply Chain team. Dow SCG is a Dow JV plant. We then reported the audit performed to the Dow SE warehouse.

Dow Collaboration on ProtectionPlus

Dow Collaboration on ProtectionPlus in Dow Chemical China

Newton went to China to meet with Dow’s value chain and marketing teams in collaboration efforts with Dow Chemicals. It was a fruitful meeting. The entourage discussed how all the stakeholders of the value chain provide values. And how can we meet the objective of ProtectionPlus—to help customers optimise their packaging to achieve transport safety and gain all the benefits from the optimisation.

4th International EUMOS Symposium

Dato' PK Ang talked at the 4th International Eumos Symposium in Vienna

Bringing Newton’s brand to Europe

The 4th International EUMOS Symposium was held at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Vienna. Dato PK Ang, representing TG & Newton, talked about load stability and pallet integrity at the symposium. A significant event in Europe, the annual symposium covers topics around cargo securing, transport packaging and safety logistics.

FMM Logistics Conference 2015

Thong Guan & Newton at the FMM Logistics Conference 2015

Newton dubbed game-changer in transport packaging

Held on the 17th of November, Thong Guan sponsored and gave a presentation at the FMM Logistics Conference 2015. David Ang presented to the overwhelming crowd “A Pallet Travels Around the World”.

Newton R&D Centre received tremendous feedback and response filled with curiosity and amazement about our technical know-how in transport packaging.

Dubbed as the game-changer of transport packaging, Newton has changed how we sell stretch films. Newton received support from logistics companies, education centres and colleges, and the Yeong Chaur Shing Paper Mill for services collaborations.

Partnership with Dow Chemical

sealing the deal a partnership with dow on ProtectionPlus

Sealing the deal & bringing ProtectionPlus to customers

Newton partners with Dow to deliver a powerful collaborative programme, ProtectionPlus, to customers. Dow has an advanced understanding of packaging material science and formulation technology. Coupled with Newton’s impressive capabilities in transportation and logistics, ProtectionPlus will create real and effective change in the packaging industry. ProtectionPlus aims to

  • improve cargo safety,
  • protect the clients’ assets, and
  • promote the adoption of higher quality transportation safety standards across Asia.

Participate in the ASEAN Logistic Exhibition

Newton at ASEAN Logistic Exhibition

Newton debuted with Thong Guan at the ASEAN Logistic Exhibition. Held at the Malaysian International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC), the event took place from October 1st to 3rd. Newton R&D Centre promoted their new service on transport packaging. It is Thong Guan’s effort to move up the value chain, a rebranding, to offer customers valued services.

Newton EUMOS Ready

Newton becomes Eumos ready in 2015

On the 7th of January, 2015, EUMOS declared that Newton fulfilled all requirements as a European Safe Logistics Association member. The review’s primary focus certifies our equipment for measuring the rigidity of a unit load on an acceleration bench. Our 40509 testing criteria for specific aspects of logistics aim at the highest possible safety. Go to our Technical Testing and Analysis page to learn more.